About Industrial Injection

Industrial Injection is a family operated business, founded by the late Brady Williams in 1985.

We are the leading distributor, supplier and remanufacturer of diesel fuel systems, turbochargers, and engines. We carry the top diesel brands for On/Off highway, industrial, marine, automotive, and agricultrual applications. Our experience in fuel injection, turbocharger, & engine components is unmatched. Industrial Injection will always deliver the best products for your light, medium, & heavy duty diesel.

Industrial Injection specializes in the design and manufacture of diesel fuel injection systems, turbochargers, and other related products. We offer a wide range of products for various diesel engines, including those used in passenger cars, trucks, and industrial & agricultural equipment.

Industrial Injection also offers fuel injectors, fuel pumps, fuel delivery systems, turbochargers, and engines. We also offer performance upgrades and modifications for diesel engines, such as high-flow fuel injectors or fuel pump kits.

In addition to designing and manufacturing these products, we provide services such as fuel system repair and maintenance, engine rebuilding, and general pick-up truck maintenance. We also provide technical support and assistance to customers who are use our products.

Overall, we focus on providing high-quality diesel fuel injection systems, turbochargers, and engines for a variety of applications. We strive to help our customers improve the performance and efficiency of your diesel engines.

Our History

Industrial Injection is a family operated business, founded by the late Brady Williams in 1985.

Brady’s initial start in fuel injection was with a local shop, mopping floors after school. By 25, Brady was a master technician at Association of Diesel Specialists for all manufacturers of turbochargers and fuel equipment. With hard work, sacrifice and a little help from fate, 30-year-old Brady opened Industrial Injection.

Industrial Injection received its name from servicing construction, agricultural, and mining equipment, as well as, over the road truck engines. It was primarily an agricultural and industrial fuel shop. Industrial Injection has always had an interest in helping farmers, truckers and miners with horsepower gains, fuel economy and reduced emissions.

However, when Ford, Dodge and GM decided to power pickup trucks with common rail diesel engines, Industrial Injection was forever changed.

First started as a one man band, Industrial Injection is now celebrating 38 years of successful business! Industrial Injection is proud to be a family business and has had many relatives work here, including three of Brady Williams sons:

Shane Williams, at 17, was the first of Brady’s sons to join the family business. He started in the shipping room and then became a Master Technician. After learning all he could about fuel injection he began to expand into turbochargers. Shane has grown the turbo shop into a very successful and major part of what Industrial Injection does.

Cody Williams, at 17, started in the injector room building injectors. He is one of the best fuel injection innovators today. He is responsible for most of Industrial Injection’s performance injectors and modified fuel injection pumps. He has a long list of accomplishments including the leading Power Stroke injectors and the high displacement CP3 fuel injection pumps. Cody leads the company in overall sales and handles the majority of tech support. Customers rely on Cody’s knowledge when they need answers.

Brett Williams, the middle son, graduated from college in 2000 before joining the family business. Brett is in charge of marketing, advertising and sales.

Industrial Injection also wouldn’t be here today, if it weren’t for Jeroyln Williams, who is the person that actually ran the show at Industrial injection until 2022, when she officially retired. Industrial Injection is now owned and operated by Shane, Brett, and Cody Williams.

Brady Williams


Jerolyn Williams


Shane Williams

Turbo Specialist

Brett Williams

Marketing & Sales Specialist

Cody Williams

Fuel Specialist