XP 600 CP3

Coming Soon!

Once Again - More Fuel output than any pump on the market!

Get ready for a game-changing revolution in fuel pump technology! Introducing the all-new XP 600 CP3 Pump. Built on the foundation of our groundbreaking original XP CP3 pumps, the XP 600 CP3 Pump boasts an even higher flow capacity that outshines any other pump on the market today.

Engineered with a robust 14mm shaft, 9mm plungers, a high-flow gear pump, and hardened & DLC coated internals, this powerhouse is set to redefine industry standards.

Experience unparalleled power and efficiency – upgrade to the cutting-edge XP 600 CP3 Pump and leave the competition in the dust!

600+ LP/H Flow Rate
New High Flow Gear Pump
Unparalleled Flow and Efficiency

Since 1985 Industrial Injection has been blazing trails in the diesel industry. With new advancements in fuel delivery, turbochargers and engines; we have the formula and knowledge to performance and reliability!