5.9L Dodge Cummins Performance Engine Cylinder Head - Video

Dustin Hembury from Industrial Injection explains the 5.9L Cummins Heads. The Industrial Injection 5.9L Cummins Performance Heads are designed for the daily driver/weekend warrior in mind. Fully CNC ported head complete and ready to bolt-on.

  • CNC Ported Cylinder Head: The porting process performed uses a new 5 Axis CNC Cylinder Head Porting Machine with CAD/CAM software specifically designed for cylinder head porting.
  • New Performance Stainless Steel Valves: We use the highest quality upgraded stainless steel valves with a nitrate coating for ultimate durability to outperform and outlast any aftermarket or OE valves available.
  • High Strength Alloy Valve Guides: New High Strength Alloy, Heat Treated iron-based valve guides are installed.

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