Power and Precision: Unveiling the BorgWarner S410G Replacement Turbo for Detroit DD15

by Scott Dana

Have you ever wondered what lies at the heart of your vehicle's power and performance? For heavy-duty engines, the answer often resides in the turbocharger. We're excited to introduce the latest breakthrough in turbocharging technology: the BorgWarner S410G for Detroit DD15 engines. This isn't just any turbocharger; it's a testament to durability and efficiency.

At Industrial Injection, we pride ourselves on offering only the best. That's why we've been partners with BorgWarner for over a decade, a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the turbo systems market. As a platinum distributor, we understand the importance of reliability and performance, especially when it comes to the demanding environments your engines face.

Features of the BorgWarner S410G:

  • Enhanced Bearing System: The S410G's advanced bearing system isn't just built to last; it's designed to enhance the overall efficiency and performance of your engine, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Forged Milled Compressor Wheel (FMW): This isn't your average compressor wheel. FMW technology offers unmatched durability and resistance to wear, meaning your turbocharger is ready to take on the toughest conditions without skipping a beat.
  • Perfect Match for Detroit DD15: Specifically engineered for Detroit DD15 (OM647, 14.8L) engines, the S410G turbocharger ensures seamless compatibility and performance optimization.

Installation and Diagnostic Support:

  • Innovative QR Code Feature: BorgWarner made installation and diagnostics simpler than ever. Each S410G comes with a QR code that leads installers to crucial diagnostic information, ensuring your turbo is set up correctly from the start.
  • Dedicated Support: Should questions arise, our team is on standby to offer the guidance and support you need for a smooth installation and operation.

Warranty and Assurance: Your peace of mind is our top priority. That's why the BorgWarner S410G is backed by a robust 12-month, 100,000-mile warranty. It's not just a promise; it's the guarantee of quality and reliability.

OEM to BorgWarner Part Number Cross-Reference:

Reference Number Detroit Engine Displacement BorgWarner Part No. BorgWarner Model No.
4720901480 DD15 14.8 57909882500 S410G
A4720901480 DD15 14.8 57909882500 S410G
EA4720901480 DD15 14.8 57909882500 S410G
R4720901480 DD15 14.8 57909882500 S410G
RA4720901480 DD15 14.8 57909882500 S410G



  • Longevity: With its robust design and advanced features, the S410G is built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements and keeping your engine running smoothly for longer.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While offering superior performance, the S410G is also a value-driven choice that provides long-term savings through its durability and efficiency.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your engine is equipped with a turbocharger designed for optimal performance and backed by a solid warranty offers an unmatched sense of security.

Ready to experience the difference with the BorgWarner S410G? Contact Industrial Injection today to learn more about this game-changing turbocharger or to place your order. Our team is ready to help you unlock the full potential of your Detroit DD15 engine.

Borgwarner s410G Product Announcment

Download Borgwarner S410G DD15 Turbo Announcement PDF »

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Power and Precision: Unveiling the BorgWarner S410G Replacement Turbo for Detroit DD15