MaxMPG All Season Deuce Juice Additive (Case)

SKU: 151102
MaxMPG ALL Season Deuce Juice
MaxMPG All Season Deuce Juice Additive (Case)

MaxMPG All Season Deuce Juice Additive (Case)

SKU: 151102
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Product Description:

MaxMPG contains a concentrated level of cetane booster which tremendously upgrades power and performance in all diesel equipment. MaxMPG also has a powerful level of injector cleaner, lubricity additives, corrosion inhibitors, water dispersants and fuel stabilizers. MaxMPG should be used at every fill up to turn standard pump diesel into premium diesel.

  • Increases Fuel Economy Up To 10%

  • Boost Cetane Up To 7 Points

  • Maintains Clean Injectors

  • Extends Engine Life

  • Improves Power & Performance

  • Prevents Rust & Corrosion

  • Neutralizes Acids and Disperses Moisture

  • Decreases Soot Emissions By Up To 66%

  • Decreases DPF Regens and DEF Usage

  • Lowers EGT

  • Smoother, Quieter Running Engine

  • Can Be Used in Any Diesel Engine

  • 16 oz Bottle Treats Up To 400 Gallons Of Fuel

Case (12) 16oz. Bottles All Season MaxMPG

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Free economy ground shipping on most orders over $200. This includes lower 48 United States only. Excludes products that must ship freight.

Please return all cores to:


Industrial Injection Service Core Returns
1201 South 700 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104


Industrial Injection Diesel Core Returns
2858 South 300 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

INCLUDE RGA# THAT WAS ISSUED AT TIME OF PURCHASE! If RGA # is lost, please call Customer Service at (800) 955-0476. Have your original invoice at time of phone call to give all appropriate information for return.

Core return freight is the responsibility of the customer


In order to receive full core credit, your core(s) must be returned within 60 days from receipt of order. It must be as is “off the engine.” Full core credit will be given if core meets acceptance criteria. Cores that are damaged during shipment to Industrial Injection Service are the responsibility of the customer and their shipping company.


  •  Core is acceptable but has been returned after 60 days of invoice and before 90 days
  • Slightly damaged housing or camshaft

No Core Credit issued when:

  • Cores is seized or hydraulic head is cracked
  • Excessive damage ( Heavy use of Bio-diesel and rust are common causes for unacceptable core)
  • Core is fire damaged
  • Core is returned after 90 days/3months

Please do the following when returning a core:

  • Make sure you have removed all fittings from your old unit
  • Drain all fuel and oil from unit
  • Package cores so that fuel and oil does not escape from the package

NOTE: packages that have fuel or oil residue on the outside of the box during shipping will not be delivered by UPS or the postal service which will cause delays.

  • Please re-use boxes and bags that parts were shipped in originally. These boxes are UPS approved to reduce damage while being handled in freight.
  • All shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer
  • Please write on the box “Core Return” and have RGA # clearly written on the outside of box
  • Include copy of original invoice and RGA inside box

PLEASE RETAIN RGA#, INVOICE # AND TRACKING NUMBER UNTIL CREDIT IS RECEIVED BY YOU. We do not research by customer name, only invoice # or RGA #.

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