Beware of Bad Injector Connecting Tubes

by Scott Dana


Everyone in the diesel industry who has dealt with a common rail fuel injection system SHOULD know how important it is, when dealing with the high pressure fuel system, to work in a very clean environment. Any speck of debris that happens to run through the high pressure fuel system can and potentially will cause catastrophic failure on your injectors. The #1 reason for fuel injector failure is caused by contamination.

The Importance of Genuine OEM Injector Connecting Tubes

Most people like to save money when and where they can. In this instance, people have been liking the idea of saving money when it comes to buying new injector connecting tubes. Why spend $50 - $75 on genuine OEM connecting tubes when you can spend $10 - $30 on some knock off brands that claim to be genuine? After all, it is just a tube. Right? Unfortunately the dismal truth to that question is; wrong. Cummin's folks in every direction are getting cheating into buying these aftermarket connecting tubes in the name of saving money, but in return, on a rampant level, end up spending thousands more dollars in repairs caused by contamination.

The problem we have found with these aftermarket connecting tubes is metal shavings and/or flakes are being left over from the boring process. The only way to see these tiny flakes is through a bore scope. (See bore scope images below.) These tiny pieces of metal are finding their way through the connecting tubes and into the injector, scratching, damaging and clogging the injector and nozzle.

using a bore scope to look inside of injector connecting tube

The bottom line is; buy genuine OEM injector connecting tubes. It is worth the extra money. We have had so many problems and implications of customers expecting us to honor a warranty on an injector(s) that have failed, only to find out it wasn't a faulty injector, it was contamination from an aftermarket connecting tube that caused the problem. Because of the common occurrence of these issues; Industrial Injection will not be honoring defective aftermarket connecting tube related injector failures.

Industrial Injections acknowledges that some aftermarket parts are good in value, but that some aftermarket parts only lead to unnecessary problems that could have been avoided by buying a proven OE or known good product.

Cummins 6.7L Bosch Common Rail Fuel Connecting Tube

Cummins 5.9L Bosch Common Rail Fuel Connecting Tube

Connecting Tube Pictures

Below you can see some pictures we took using our bore scope. These pictures show metal slag and flakes found in brand new aftermarket injector connecting tubes.

injector connecting tube

injector connecting tubes

Injector connecting tubes

injector connecting tube debris

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Beware of Bad Injector Connecting Tubes