Inspiring the Next Generation: Industrial Injection’s Day at Dixie Tech College

by Scott Dana


December 14, 2023 was a pretty awesome day for us at Industrial Injection. We had the pleasure of visiting Dixie Tech College in St. George, Utah, ready to dive into the world of automotive with some enthusiastic students. Leading our crew were Scott Dana, our Creative Director, and Bryton Williams, our ace Machinist.

Our chat was all about the thrills of drag racing and the challenges of dyno competitions. We shared our journey from working on agricultural diesels to making waves in the racing scene. It's this constant push beyond the usual limits that drives our passion for creating high-performing, reliable diesel products.

Walking into Dixie Tech, we were impressed by their top-notch facilities. With departments in Diesel, Automotive, Auto Body, and Machining, it was clear that they're serious about technical education. Across the board, the college demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence.

The Machining department stood out with its perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. The emphasis on precision and quality control was evident, showcasing the importance of these skills in the industry.

A big thank you goes to Derek Hadlock and Ryan Jacobs from Dixie Tech for their incredible hospitality. Their efforts made our visit smooth and enjoyable, down to a fantastic lunch prepared by the college's Culinary students.

One of the day's highlights was showcasing two special vehicles. Bryton introduced his competition truck, E.T., a powerhouse with over 2400 horsepower. Greg Salzillo's Nash car, now a Hot Wheels legend, was equally impressive. The transition from classroom discussions to hands-on shop experience was seamless and engaging.

The students' enthusiasm was infectious. Their insightful questions showed a deep interest in the automotive field, and it was rewarding to interact with them, feeling their passion and curiosity.

Our trip to Dixie Tech College was more than a presentation; it was a chance to inspire future automotive professionals. We left feeling inspired ourselves by the students' eagerness and look forward to a growing relationship with Dixie Tech. It's clear these students are well on their way to becoming leaders in the automotive industry.

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Inspiring the Next Generation: Industrial Injection’s Day at Dixie Tech College