Dumpster to Dyno Part 5 - Surfacing & Assembling the 12 Valve Cylinder Head

by Scott Dana

In Episode 5 of the "Dumpster to Dyno" series, we dive deep into the nitty-gritty of engine refurbishing at Industrial Injection. Bryton teams up with Scott to meticulously resurface the 12-valve head, ensuring every surface is flawlessly smooth. They then proceed to the precision-driven task of cutting the valve seats, using the state-of-the-art valve seat cutting machine for optimal performance.

The episode takes a turn towards final assembly, where Stetson steps in, guiding Scott through the intricate process of installing valves and springs, highlighting the meticulous attention to detail required in engine assembly.

As the episode unfolds, viewers get a closer look at Bryton's motivations and the passion that drives him to excel in the Industrial Injection machine shop. His story adds a personal touch to the technical prowess on display.

Adding to the rich tapestry of this episode is a meeting with local Ford F-100 expert, Bill, who shares insights into the classic vehicle. We also delve into Scott's childhood dream, revealing his long-held aspiration to rebuild a '56 Ford F-100 and power it with the robust 12 Valve engine from Industrial Injection, marrying classic aesthetics with unmatched performance. This episode not only showcases mechanical mastery but also connects the dots between past dreams and future ambitions in the world of automotive restoration.

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Dumpster to Dyno Part 5 - Surfacing & Assembling the 12 Valve Cylinder Head