Dumpster to Dyno: Resurrecting a Rusted Cummins 12 Valve Engine - Part 3

by Scott Dana

In this thrilling third installment of our 'Dumpster to Dyno' series, we're taking our engine rebuilding journey to the next level! Join us as we dive deep into the heart of a once-forgotten Cummins 12 Valve engine, salvaged from the depths of oblivion. With the expertise of Dustin, Chad, Dillon, and Bryton from Industrial Injection, we're transforming this rusted relic into a roaring beast.

🔧 What's New in Part 3?

  • Boring the Block: Watch as we use the Rottler F79 to precision-bore the block, setting the stage for a remarkable transformation.
  • Decking the Block: Discover the meticulous process of decking, ensuring a flawless surface for optimal performance.
  • Align Honing the Mains: Alignment is key, and we're not cutting any corners. See how we align hone the mains for perfect harmony.
  • Honing and Plateau Honing the Cylinders: Using the HX85 hone, we achieve the smooth, perfect cylinder walls necessary for peak power and performance.

👥 Meet the Team: This journey wouldn't be possible without the combined efforts and expertise of our dedicated team. A special shoutout to Dustin, Chad, Dillon, and Bryton from Industrial Injection for their invaluable contributions and insights.

🎥 Stay Tuned: This episode is packed with detailed processes, tips, and tricks from the pros. Whether you're an engine enthusiast, a professional mechanic, or just love a good comeback story, you won't want to miss a minute!

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Dumpster to Dyno: Resurrecting a Rusted Cummins 12 Valve Engine - Part 3